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I haven't posted in a while. Well, never really on DW. But on LJ. I haven't posted in a while. Cross posting.

First year that I have ever participated in Yuletide, and it was GOOD. I hit the jackpot man. Every fic I received was perfect to my mind, and it couldn't have been more perfect unless I had written my own fics, which, let's face it, would've been QUITE strange.

The Fics That I receieved:


This is (Never) How it Goes- Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic fic. Bastila/Neutral!F!Revan. I freaking loved this. Firstly, it's femmeslash, and well, let's be honest: there is never enough femmeslash in the world. Ever. It's all het and slash. Also, the story's terribly quiet and understated and yet you can feel the emotions teeming under the surface. You can feel the ambiguity (even within the title!). Also, it portrays a true neutral Revan, and the way that the Jedi are REALLY quite bad at emotional things. Seriously.

Elsewhere- I hadn't read Fry/Laurie RPS in forever. It used to be that I couldn't go more than a week without stumbling over a truly charming fic about the two of them, that hit just the right blend of angst and love. So, when I saw this, I jumped about like a fool. This is a very good character piece about Stephen and Hugh and how they are very committed to their respective partners...but also each other. Nice blend of angst and friendship and complications and the fact that Stephen Fry is his own worst enemy.

The Blank of What he Was- Nothing puts a big, evil smile on my face quicker than Alex/Keats. And this is good. I love reading something that I didn't know that I wanted, and then finding out that its precisely what I wanted. It's Keats letting Alex completely dominate him, and this is actually quite frightening, because you want to know what's going on in Keats' mind the whole time, and you just never ever will. And Alex's mind is fascinating enough, because she overthinks EVERYTHING.

Yuletide Madness

Can I just pause for a moment here and say that I got 5, count them, 5! stories? I am so fucking grateful. Anyway, madness brought two loverly A2A stories as well. I dunno what I've done to deserve this.

Song of Songs- Another Alex/Keats. Basically, Keats quoting scripture creepily, Alex flirting, half out of habit, more than anything, and Ray calling Keats a poof. As you do.

Advances in the Workplace- Shaz/Alex. HOORAY. You should read this just because it's Shaz/Alex. It's sadly quite short, as most madness fics are. I could do with a sequel.

Yuletide and Yuletide Madness Fic Recs

I've got four voices on the line (the only one I hear is mine)- I love Animorphs fic that are Tobias focused and angsty. This does both things in a beautiful, melancholy way.

Calvin and Hobbes
Yuletide is always a great time for Calvin and Hobbes fic that strikes up just the right balance between tickling your childhood nostalgia bone and tickling your funny bone.

The Roommate of +10 Confusion- A Crossover with Foxtrot. Calvin goes to college and spreads his worldview. Vaguely kind of shippy between Calvin/Jason as well.

This Kid I Knew Once- Susie Derkins finds Calvin's webcomic, thinks about growing up, growing apart. Nice nostalgic, melancholic piece that really made me feel pleasantly sad.

At Lunchtime, In the Wilderness- A Madness fic, crossover with Where the Wild Things Are. Max can see Hobbes is a real tiger. Really great.

Doctor Who RPF
we can't hide the way it makes us glow- Short, sweet, fluffy piece of Matt/Karen on the Doctor Who bus. I think I'm a sucker anytime Matt calls Karen 'Kaz', so this fic had me at hello, basically.

I love Brax/Romana. I know. Yes, I have seen a pattern in the ships I ship, and it's not healthy, and I'm doomed to have REALLY not healthy relationships. Shutup.

Presidency- Brax sucks at seduction. Romana proves again that she is smarter than everyone ever. Clever, hot, and perfectly in character.

I Know This One- Brax fails at everything. But the way he fails is pretty awesome. And again, Romana is more clever than either of us. Also, this is quite chilling in a way, and has a nice bit of timey-wimey in it.

Hark! A Vagrant
Hark! A Vagrant is my favorite webcomic of all time. I kind of want to be Kate Beaton when I grow up, and I have a deep, abiding, nerdy love of history. AND NOW THERE IS FANFIC! *happy clapping hands*

I am Acton Bell's Metaphorical Manhood- Adventures of the Bronte sisters. Hilarious, manages to mix the modern with the period, irreverent, and the payoff. Oh, lord. The payoff. I love Anne's world weariness. I love their psuedonyms. Very Beatonesque. (It's a word now. Shutup.)

Well, This is Just Weird- Sherlock loses Gay Watson and Stupid Watson. He and regular Watson go to look for them. In the process, the whole story manages to be lolarious, and then, at the end, quite poignant and a little sad.

Sarah Jane Adventures
The Battels of Michaelmas- Pretty sure the title is mispelled. Other than that, this is a great Clyde/Luke fic that has Clyde coming to visit Luke, getting angsty and jealous, and finally has Clyde confessing his feelings...and then wondering about how he can come out before Luke accidentally LETS it out.

Sherlock RPF
Why Benedict Shouldn't Quit his Day Job- Mark Gatiss asks Benedict to find his toothbrush. Benedict enlists Martin's help. The whole thing is a bit of a farce and really fucking quite hilarious. Also, I can see Gatiss being a cunt like this, too.

Social Network

Throw Your Back Into It- In which Mark Zuckerburg is a manipulative overacheiver in EVERYTHING. Including gay sex. Eduardo/Mark. Really quite a charming mix of hate-sex, sex comedy, and, in the end, even love.

Ach Bruder, Mein Bruder- Fucked up look at the Winkleviis relationship. Vaguely incesty. Totally competitive and overwrought. Absolutely fucking perfect.

And Maybe You Will Bruise- Eduardo/Mark hatesex. Pure and simple. It's lovely and terrible, just the way I like things.

Threadless T-shirt Designs
You're Ready and You're Willing- AU Scooby Doo Zombie fic. It's fucking brutal as fuck, and Velma's the main character. It's WONDERFUL. Really, can't reccommend it enough. It's based on this t-shirt. It's just as awesome as the shirt. It makes me DESPERATELY want the shirt.

Twelfth Night
Sea Change- Lovely little piece about lots of things. Transgender issues and the love of a brother and sister and everything that makes Twelfth Night lovely. At least lovely TO ME.

Grandpa- A lovely post-move fic that goes deeper into the details of Russel's relationship with Carl. Very sweet and enjoyable.

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