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Birthdate:May 21
Location:Texas, United States of America
I am the mIghty wubbernut. Fear me or I will rip your testicles out. and you need your testicles. Unless you are gay or a woman. Then you may pass.

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Fern is a godess. That is all you need to know. You dont even need to know that you nosey SOB. If you cross her she will cut your nuts off and use them in place of those fuzzy dice retarded people put in there cars to try to be retro. Her mission statement guides her life, sort of like the Jedi Honor code for the jedis. It is as follows:

1. Make as many innuendos as possible
2. Make people laugh as much as possible
3. If it's annoying do it
4. Incurr as much wrath from all people as is humanly possible and make many enemies by being true to yourself
5. Never eat brussel sprouts
6. Believe in the secret powers of Crayolas
7. Love thy neighbor, and steal his stuff
8. Don't follow the rules, mold them
9. Do not hate, subjugate
10. Hug as many people as possible
Strengths: Sexy, funny, irresitibly witty, incredibly intelligent, good with whips, well-versed in naughtiness, good with fantasies
Weaknesses: kryptonite, men, vats of pudding, whips and chains, dance belts
Special Skills: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, let's find out shall we?
Weapons: whips, chains, nunchucks, fingernails, sex appeal, blending blades
Specialness: I WON THE EXPLODING SNAP AWARD IN SEPTEMBER AHAHAHA....(along with rae but lets forget about her) AHAHAHA

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a bit of fry and laurie, adhd, adult swim, agatha christie, anakin skywalker, arcade fire, ashes to ashes, battlestar galactica, bdsm, beatles, being lazy, being silly, big o, blackadder, bondage, british things, brooms, bubble wrap, chains, chatting, chocolate, commie dictators, communism, computer, converse, cookie dough, cowboy bebop, craziness, csi, dancing, david tennant, dirty jobs, doctor, doctor who, doctor/master, donuts, douglas adams, drawing, dreaming, duct tape, family guy, fanfiction, flcl, french, futurama, gerard butler, gerry butler, giant battle monster, good omens, good thick oaks, graham norton, gregory house, grissom, gryffindor, gsr, harry potter, having no life, hayden christenson, house, house md, hp fanfics, html, hugh laurie, imagination, insanity, intelligence, internet, james wilson, jeeves and wooster, john simm, kathryn janeway, learning, legend of zelda, life on mars, lisa cuddy, lupin, magic, margaret cho, mark gatiss, master, masturbation, men, mirc, monty python, most extreme elimination challenge, muse, mxc, mythbusters, neil gaiman, not newbies, nudity, phantom, pie, procrastination, profanity, qi, reading, red dwarf, remus lupin, rock and roll, rolling stones, rpgs, sara, sex, shounen ai, sims, singing, sirius black, sirius/remus, slash, slaves, sleeping, smut, spoon, squirrels, stacy warner, star trek, star wars, star wars eu, stephen fry, the beatles, the breakfast club, the clash, the lion king, the pixies, the princess bride, the rolling stones, torchwood, trigun, vh1, voyager, whips, wolf parade, wolf parde, writing
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